ZIA membership is open to organisations, companies, and individuals involved in the zircon value chain. There are three types of membership:


producers of zircon sand


consumers of zircon sand, e.g. millers/opacifier producers, fused zirconia producers, zircon chemical manufacturers, refractory manufacturers, etc.


  • a company or organisation involved in the zircon industry, but not as a producer or consumer of zircon sand
  • a producer or consumer of zircon sand with an annual production or consumption volume of less than 10,000 tonnes zircon sand [such producers or consumers are of course welcome to take out Producer or Consumer membership]

Membership fees are fixed annually in accordance with the annual budget - please contact us for further information about membership and the current fee structure. In order to become a ZIA member, please complete and submit the Membership application form.

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