A core purpose of the Zircon Industry Association is to promote and support the development of new applications for zircon and its derivatives, as well as to support existing applications. Our Zircon Handbook, published in November 2013, includes a chapter on emerging R&D along the zirconium value chain - the handbook is available free of charge by application through the contact form on our website.

We are able to offer support to selected research and development projects, both technically and financially. Project proposals may be submitted by email to and will be reviewed by our Technical Committee. There is no prescribed format, but please be sure to define the technical objectives, current state of the art and the anticipated benefits for the usage of zircon and/or its derivatives. Proposals will be evaluated on the basis of various criteria, including:

  • relevance to the purposes of the ZIA
  • importance to the usage, both current and future, of zircon and/or its derivatives
  • scientific and technical merit expertise and capability of the proposer(s)