ZIA 2018 AGM and Annual Conference

Bangkok, Thailand 6-7 September 2018 - Register now

ZIA 2018 AGM and Annual Conference

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) - a first for the zircon industry

ZIA embarks on a life-cycle assessment scheduled to be completed at the end of 2017.

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) - a first for the zircon industry

February 2018: The peer-reviewed zircon LCA is now complete and will be published soon. An Executive Summary is available from director@zircon-association.org

January 2018: save the date..! ZIA will hold its next annual conference in Bangkok, 6-7 September 2018. To register your interest in attending please email director@zircon-association.org

January 2018: Ruidow Global Zircon Conference - Ningbo, China, May 22-24. See Ruidow events for more information and registration details.

December 2017: ZIA joins the newly-formed European NORM Association (ENA), this being a merger of the European NORM networks, EANNORM and EU NORM. The ENA brings together expertise in the field of NORM and aims to be recognised as a counterpart for industry, research and politics at the European level as unbiased consultation for new regulations and guidelines. See http://ean-norm.eu/ena/

November 2017: The recent Annual General meeting of the Zircon Industry Association (ZIA) confirmed the appointment of Jean-Michel Fourcade (TiZir), Fidel García-Guzmán (Guzman Global) and José Carlos Serrano (Chilches Materials) to the board of directors with immediate effect.

The ZIA board also appointed Pirmin Wilhelm (Imerys Fused Minerals) as its Chairman, effective from 12 November. Simon Hay (Iluka Resources) will step-down as Chairman from that date, but will remain on the board of directors.

September 2017: The ZIA recently held its annual conference at Bologna, Italy (21-22 September). Some 42 participants from 15 countries listened to a dozen presentations; covering applications for zircon, a review of academic publications, new areas of research & development, life cycle assessment, NORM regulatory developments and the market overview/outlook. Information and presentations are available from enquiries@zircon-association.org The ZIA 2018 Conference will be held in Asia, at a location to be announced in January 2018.

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