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ZIA and its members take our responsibilities seriously, not only in the way that we conduct our activities, strictly in accordance with our Code of Conduct but in the wider sense of good corporate citizenship.

Membership Values

The Zircon Industry Association has published Membership Values that serve to embed and continuously promote best practice throughout the industry. These values will ensure that all ZIA members, the association and the zircon industry as a whole evolves sustainably, responsibly and with integrity.

From 2022 all ZIA members will be required to make an annual declaration confirming compliance with these values. For those wanting to join ZIA, their commitment to these values will be a prerequisite of membership.

ZIA has published a series of case studies highlighting the work of our members and how it aligns with the ZIA values.

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Sustainable by going above and beyond to protect :

  • People: sharing best practices on matters of workplace safety and fair labour
  • The Environment: operating, managing waste and remediating mindfully now and
    for the future
  • Communities: respecting and actively supporting indigenous and local communities



Operate with integrity by:

  • Committing to comply with national and international laws where we conduct business, and anti-corruption legislation
  • Enforcing policies that ensure conformance to antitrust and competition laws
  • Ensuring we employ non-discriminatory practices and equal opportunities in everything we do



Promote a positive image through:

  • Collaboratively engaging with key stakeholders across the globe
  • Supporting suppliers to work to the same exacting values
  • Knowledge sharing to ensure the safe production and use of zircon and zirconia products
  • Expanding markets in applications that enhance quality of life in a sustainable manner



In recent years, there has been a global increase in regulation within the areas of the environment, transport and health and safety. Regulations are becoming more stringent, whilst seeing a global trend in harmonisation.

ZIA’s Regulatory Committee is committed to working on members’ behalf to:

  • Keep abreast of emerging issues and proactively engage and influence any issues that arise
  • Ensure members receive early notification and insight into any emerging regulatory issues that may impact their business
  • Promote and support industry compliance with current and future regulations

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As our world faces increasing challenges from industrialisation, urbanisation and a rising global population, sustainable development has become the mantra of our times. Find out how zircon plays a crucial role in supporting a sustainable world by helping to lower carbon emissions, reduce air pollution, support low carbon energy generation and offering sustainable living solutions.

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