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ZIA members to receive reports on zircon market

September 2022

The Zircon Industry Association (ZIA) has published its first Zircon Industry and Market Trends report. Developed in collaboration with TZMI, and available exclusively to members, the report offers insight and information on the zircon industry and market trends. The report will be issued to ZIA members three times per year.

ZIA Executive Director, Dr Keven Harlow, commented:

“This report was developed in direct response to our membership’s desire for more information about the zircon industry. Our close collaboration with TZMI over many years has enabled us to provide timely, detailed information and insight into industry developments and trends. Over the coming months, we will be listening to members’ feedback and adapting future reports in response.

ZIA continually strives to deliver knowledge, information and value for members. The launch of this report is another new initiative for ZIA that brings additional benefit all our members.”

Notes for editors

The LCA and comparison was conducted by thinkstep in collaboration with Centro Ceramico di Bologna using the GaBi 8 software system for lifecycle engineering and the CML2001 (January 2016) impact assessment methodology framework. The LCA was critically reviewed by an independent panel of three experts to ensure conformity to the ISO 14040/44 standards.

Global Warming Potential is used as a measure of the impact of greenhouse gases on climate change. Acidification Potential is used to quantify atmospheric acidification, which leads to acid rain. Eutrophication Potential is linked to airborne emissions and is used to quantify the impact of algal bloom. Abiotic Depletion Potential (elements) relates to the impact upon non-biological resources. Ozone Layer Depletion Potential quantifies the relative impact of a chemical compound upon the degradation of the ozone layer. Abiotic Depletion Potential (fossil) relates to the impact upon biological resources, Photochemical Ozone Creation Potential relates to the potential for ozone to be created, and Primary Energy Demand is a measure of the total amount of primary energy required by the process.

About ZIA: The Zircon Industry Association (ZIA) is an independent industry association for the entire zirconium value chain, from zircon sand production, to a wide range of downstream products, including zircon flour, opacifiers, refractory materials, friction materials, fused zirconias and zirconium chemicals, metal and alloys. ZIA members currently represent some 80% of the globally-produced zircon tonnage. ZIA's mission is to represent and support the interests of the zircon, zirconia and zirconium value chains.

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