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Zircon Industry Association

The Zircon Industry Association is a non-profit trade association, that works on behalf of our membership to develop and promote zircon, zirconia and derivative substances by advocating the benefits of their extensive application in today’s world.

Our members commit to ZIA values which serve to encourage the industry to operate sustainably and with integrity.

Latest News

ZIA’s third ESG benchmarking report, using five years of members’ data, shows the industry is making progress against 20 ESG key performance indicators.
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November 2023

ZIA elects new Chair

ZIA elected a new Chair, Angelika Priese from Imerys Fused Minerals, at their recent AGM as the Association reported another year of progress.

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ZIA’s 2023 conference, held at Istanbul, was another resounding success. Attended by over 130 delegates from 29 countries representing 80 organisations, this was the largest ever annual gathering of the zircon, zirconia and zirconium industries.
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ZIA Handbook 2019

Zircon Handbook

80+ pages of market statistics, current applications/uses and emerging R&D.

Zircon Transport Guide

Zircon Transport Guide

Comprehensive guide to the procedures and regulations involved in transporting zircon.

Lifecycle Assessment Brochure

Lifecycle Assessment (LCA)

Access the first life cycle assessment on zircon sand production in ceramic tiles.


Why Zircon is so important

Zircon and its derivatives are used in countless every day products, most notably in the manufacture of ceramic tiles. They also have many other critical and unique uses across the global industrial sector. The role that zircon and its derivatives play in today’s world is far-reaching and because of its unique qualities and environmental credentials, its importance is still growing.

From bathrooms to life enhancing medical implants, learn more about the extraordinary uses of zircon in our modern world.


Zircon to increase download speeds in next generation smartphones

New zirconia-containing 5G smartphone cases will enable stronger signals, much faster data download and wireless charging.

Zircon - essential in keeping aircraft airborne

Zircon has a unique range of properties that make it vital in the manufacture of precision parts like turbine blades.

Refined corrosivity testing supports zircon shipments

Zircon sand is not corrosive to metal and, therefore, is not a candidate for classification as a corrosive in bulk.