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Transport Guides

ZIA has published three guides related to transporting zircon as a NORM. These offer best practice guidance to those in the industry, allowing them to transport zircon safely and efficiently across the globe.

A Guide to the Transport of Zircon as a NORM

Published November 2018
Zircon contains naturally low levels of radioactivity, meaning that it is considered as a Naturally-Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM). In almost all scenarios, zircon can be transported as general cargo.

‘A Guide to the Transport of Zircon as a NORM’ begins with a detailed description of the parameters of NORM, radioactivity and its measurement. The guide describes the context of the international transport of radioactive material, its governance by the United Nations’ IAEA, and how its inherent safety has produced an enviable record of zero fatalities attributable to the transport of radioactive material over more than seventy years. The guide also contains worked examples for the calculation of radioactivity, a regulatory compliance checklist for NORM transport, and annexes of references and further information.

The Measurement of Gamma Radiation from Zircon and other NORM in transport – A best practice guide

Published May 2019
This guide outlines best practice procedures for the measurement of gamma radiation from zircon in transport. It explains why measurement is so important and what equipment should be used. It also contains a practical guide to measurement which gives clear explanations as to where measurements should be taken in relation to the shipping container and at what levels a radiation protection programme would become necessary.

Guidance on determining the applicability of IAEA transport regulations to NORM
and Calculations for NORM transport

Published August 2019
This guidance contains information that can be used to correctly estimate the applicability of the IAEA Transport Regulations to NORM, to establish clearance levels for surface contaminated items and to interpret regulations and guidelines regarding the signposting requirements for bulk mineral shipments. This document was developed for the minerals industry and for the competent authorities. This guidance is accompanied by an excel calculator which offers support in determining calculations.

This 5th version of the guidance has been specifically amended to ensure that the guidance and the associated ‘excel calculator’ are in full compliance with the latest version of the IAEA SSR-6 on the Transport of Radioactive Materials.

Industry Guidance

We aim to support our members by providing guidance on best practice in the industry. We also represent and support the zirconium value chain by educating and informing governments, industry bodies and other key stakeholders on the uses and benefits of zircon and its derivatives – including in the context of emerging regulatory challenges and industry-wide technical issues.