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Industry Information

Below is a collection of papers and reports that offer an insight into the zircon and minerals industry.

Mineral commodity summaries

The US Geological Survey produce annual mineral commodity summaries. The data sheets contain information on the US industry structure, Government programs, tariffs, and 5-year salient statistics for over 90 individual minerals and materials.

Introduction to the titanium and zircon value chains

This free TZMI publication discusses the mineral sands industry and the importance of titanium and zircon minerals to the sector. It details what is involved in extracting the minerals from the ground and the processing methods used to separate the minerals before they are shipped to the first step in their main multi-billion dollar value chains.

Zircon - insufficient supply for the future?

This report, by Dr. Harald Elsner, published by German Mineral Resources Agency (DERA), considers the supply and demand within the zircon industry.

Industry Guidance

We aim to support our members by providing guidance on best practice in the industry. We also represent and support the zirconium value chain by educating and informing governments, industry bodies and other key stakeholders on the uses and benefits of zircon and its derivatives – including in the context of emerging regulatory challenges and industry-wide technical issues.