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Offering latest news updates, information on interesting uses of zircon and its derivatives or promoting events, ZIA aims to communicate the benefits of zircon and offer guidance on industry best practice.


ZIA announces Hanoi, Vietnam as the destination for 2025 conference

The next ZIA Annual Conference will take place in Hanoi, Vietnam from 20 – 22 May 2025. Further information will be available via the ZIA website in early 2025.

ZIA publishes its third annual ESG benchmarking report
ZIA’s third ESG benchmarking report, using five years of members’ data, shows the industry is making progress against 20 ESG key performance indicators.
ZIA elects new Chair
November 2023

ZIA elects new Chair

ZIA elected a new Chair, Angelika Priese from Imerys Fused Minerals, at their recent AGM as the Association reported another year of progress.

ZIA conference a resounding success
ZIA’s 2023 conference, held at Istanbul, was another resounding success. Attended by over 130 delegates from 29 countries representing 80 organisations, this was the largest ever annual gathering of the zircon, zirconia and zirconium industries.
ZIA research results published in Minerals Engineering journal
Results of ZIA’s project investigating the impact of metamictization on zircon milling are published. The peer-reviewed paper was accepted by Elsevier’s Minerals Engineering journal.
ZIA publishes updated ESG benchmarking study
ZIA recently published its second industry-wide ESG benchmarking report, which shows the industry is making progress against 20 ESG key performance indicators.
First Zircon Industry Market Trends report published

The first Zircon Industry and Market Trends report will soon be publicly available.

ZIA’s 10-year anniversary conference a resounding success

ZIA’s 2022 conference was a resounding success. Attended by 124 delegates, from 30 countries representing 77 companies, it is the largest annual gathering of the zircon industry.

ZIA publishes values case studies

ZIA has published a series of case studies highlighting the work of our members and how it aligns with the ZIA values.

ZIA conference booking closed

The global zircon and zirconia industry's annual conference is in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 13- 14 September 2022.

ZIA members to receive reports on zircon market

ZIA has published its first Zircon Industry and Market Trends report. Developed in collaboration with TZMI, it is available exclusively to members.

ZIA completes first zircon industry ESG and Sustainability Performance Benchmarking study

The report provides an independent and credible source of industry ESG data against 18 key performance indicators for the years 2018-2020.

ZIA study shows zircon-containing ceramic tiles have lower environmental burdens

Zircon-containing tiles have a lower environmental burden than those made with alumina according to a new Life Cycle Assessment study.

A year of progress for ZIA

ZIA has published in annual ZIA in brief; a summary of the main activities and achievements of the association over the year.

ZIA completes study on the effects of metamictization on the milling of zircon sand

ZIA has completed a study to understand the effect of metamictization on the milling of zircon. The full report is available exclusively to ZIA members.

ZIA publishes information for prospective members

ZIA outlines the benefits of membership in new information for prospective members.

ZIA values to underpin the way members and the zircon industry operate now, and in the future

ZIA has established a set of membership values that serve to embed and continuously promote best practice throughout the industry

ZIA appoints new Chair

Fidel García-Guzmán has been elected Board Chairman of the Zircon Industry Association (ZIA). Fidel, Chief Executive of Guzmán Global, will serve two years in the role.

Técnica Cerámica World publishes article on zircon-containing roof tiles

Published in Spanish and English, the article discusses the sustainable benefits of zircon containing roof tiles.

Clay Technology publishes article on zircon-containing roof tiles

A new study sheds light on zircon’s sustainability credentials and the findings could enhance roof tiles.

ZIA identifies principal areas of research relating to zircon, zirconium and zirconia

Following a review of over 2,600 peer-reviewed papers published in 2019, ZIA has identified the most popular areas of research.

Zirconia to increase smartphone download speeds

ZIA’s new blog explains how zirconia-containing smartphone cases will enable stronger signals, much faster data download and wireless charging.

ZIA targets growth in new phase of development

ZIA’s board has conducted a benchmarking exercise to ensure the association is best placed to deliver sustainable growth, development and value to members.

New sustainability video launched

ZIA has launched a new video showcasing how zircon and zirconia support a sustainable world.

ZIA article published by Aerospace Manufacturing

Zircon has a unique range of properties that make it ideal for advanced ceramics that ensure jet engines run cleanly and efficiently.

ZIA produces radiation risk assessment tool

ZIA has published a radiation risk assessment (RRA) tool for use by zircon millers and zirconia producers.

ZIA identifies principal areas of research relating to zircon, zirconium and zirconia

Following a review of over 3,450 peer-reviewed papers published in 2018, the ZIA has identified the most popular areas of research.

ZIA publishes best practice guidance on transporting zircon as a NORM

The Zircon Industry Association has published additional guidance on the transport of zircon as a NORM.

ZIA 2019 Annual Conference is largest to-date

The conference was attended by over 130 delegates, representing 96 organisations from 29 countries.

ZIA publishes updated Zircon Technical Handbook

ZIA has published an updated edition of the 'Technical handbook on zirconium and zirconium compounds'.

Zircon addition to ceramic roof tiles increases solar reflectance

Zircon can assist architects in lowering the environmental footprint of buildings they design.

ZIA updates guidance on working safely with zircon sands

ZIA has published updated guidance for those working with zircon sand. The leaflet and separate poster highlight how to handle zircon safely in the workplace.

The guidance highlights simple steps that organisations working with zircon sand should take, such as controlling dust within the plant and storing zircon in a ventilated warehouse.

Test confirms zircon sand is not corrosive to metal

A ZIA Industry Position Paper concludes that Zircon sand is not corrosive to metals when tested in accordance with the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) Interim Guidance for Conducting the Refined MHB (Materials Hazardous only in Bulk) Corrosivity (Cr) Test.

The paper outlines the findings of an independent test carried out by global consulting and advisory firm, DEKRA Insight (UK).

ZIA publishes Zircon Transport Guide

The ZIA has published a comprehensive guide to the procedures and regulations involved in transporting zircon.

LCA confirms lower environmental impact of ceramic tile production using zircon

The environmental impacts of the cradle-to-gate life cycle assessment (LCA) of zircon sand have been assessed for the first time in a just published study.

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