Zircon Industry Association, 24 Old Bond Street, Mayfair, London W1S 4AP, UK

About ZIA

ZIA is the association of the world's primary zircon producers and users who together account for approximately 80% of worldwide annual production of zircon and zirconia.

Our mission

As a non-profit trade association, we work on behalf of our membership to develop and promote zircon, zirconia and derivative substances by advocating the benefits of their extensive application in today’s world.

Our vision

We seek to advance the sustainable use of zirconium-based substances to address the challenges of today and tomorrow, while ensuring that we protect people and the environment.

Our values

Our Membership Values serve to embed and continuously promote best practice throughout our industry. These values guide our work to ensure ZIA members, the association and the zircon industry as a whole evolves sustainably, responsibly and with integrity.

Articles of Association and Code of Conduct

Our Articles of Association set out the way in which the Zircon Industry Association operates. ZIA operates a strict Code of Conduct and Antitrust Policy which all members must agree to as a prerequisite of membership.

Zircon Industry Association Limited is registered in England No. 08187233 with its registered office at 24 Old Bond Street, Mayfair, London W1S 4AP, UK