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Benefits of membership

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Whether you are an individual involved in the zircon value chain or an organisation directly or indirectly active in the zircon market, you will enjoy a wide range of benefits as a ZIA member.

  • Participation in market development, technical and R&D programmes
  • Access to the members-only knowledge bank and Zircon Academy
  • Members meetings
    • ZIA's Annual Conference and other networking opportunities
    • Technical programme content
  • Participation in the Association's committees
  • A higher profile for zircon and its derivatives through targeted market and product support programmes
  • Demand pull from branding and product awareness programmes
  • Greater impact of industry-wide approach to ESG issues
  • Enhancement of your corporate image through buy-in to ZIA standards and values
  • Being part of the ZIA community, e.g. industry best practice

Levels of Membership

ZIA membership is open to organisations, companies, and individuals involved in the zirconium value chain. See our current members.

There are three levels of membership; Producer, Consumer and Associate:

  • Producer
    • Producers (miners) of zircon sand
  • Consumer
    • Consumers of zircon sand, e.g. millers / opacifier producers, zirconia producers, zircon chemical manufacturers, refractory manufacturers, etc.
  • Associate
    • A company or organisation involved in the zirconium value chain, but not as a producer or consumer of zircon sand
    • A producer or consumer of zircon sand with an annual production or consumption volume of less than 10,000 tonnes zircon sand (such producers or consumers are of course welcome to join as Producer or Consumer members)

Latest Member Survey

ZIA periodically conducts a survey of its members to inform the strategic direction and priorities of the association. Here are the key findings from our 2021 survey, which are also compared to the 2017 feedback.

Read a more detailed summary of the findings.

Become a ZIA member

How to apply

Membership fees are fixed annually - please contact us for further information about membership and the current fee structure.

To join us simply complete and submit the Membership Application Form.

About ZIA

ZIA is the association of the world's primary zircon producers and users who together account for approximately 80% of worldwide annual production of zircon and zirconia.