There is a wide range of zirconium-based chemicals, used either for their intrinsic properties in diverse applications, or as intermediates for manufacture of other derivatives of zirconium. The principal precursor, or building block, for zirconium chemicals is zirconium oxychloride, known simply as ZOC.

ZOC is produced from zircon sand by a variety of processes, generally involving caustic fusion, dissolution in hydrochloric acid and separation.

Derivatives of ZOC include high purity and stabilised oxides and reactive salts such as zirconium basic sulphate, [“ZBS”] and zircon basic carbonate [“ZBC”].

ZBS and ZBC are themselves used as intermediates for downstream aqueous zirconium chemicals as well as directly in certain applications. Aqueous zirconium chemicals straddle the pH range, increasing their versatility.

Apart from ZOC, ZBS and ZBC, zirconium chemicals include:

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