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Industry Guidance

We aim to support our members by providing guidance on best practice in the industry. We also represent and support the zirconium value chain by educating and informing governments, industry bodies and other key stakeholders on the uses and benefits of zircon and its derivatives – including in the context of emerging regulatory challenges and industry-wide technical issues.


ZIA publishes factsheets and industry position papers on issues affecting the zircon industry.

The aim of these publications is to:

  • Educate those within the zircon industry regarding best practice
  • Educate those who interact with the zircon industry such as shipping companies, port authorities and regulators about matters regarding zircon
  • Set out an industry position on a particular issue

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Industry Guidance

Zircon Technical Handbook

The Zircon Technical Handbook provides information on zirconium, zircon and zirconia. Offering market statistics and insights into the unique properties of zircon and its varied applications, it provides a wealth of information about the industry. The handbook not only includes information on current applications, but also offers a summary of the emerging research and development involving zircon and its derivatives.

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Industry Guidance

Transport Guides

ZIA has published three guides related to transporting zircon as a NORM. The first is a comprehensive guide to the procedures and regulations involved in transporting zircon, the second is a best practice guide to the measurement of gamma radiation from zircon and other NORM in transport, whilst the third offers guidance on determining the applicability of IAEA transport regulations to NORM.

These guides offer best practice guidance to those in the industry, allowing them to transport zircon safely and efficiently across the globe.

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Industry Guidance

Working with Zircon Sands

As part of its overall health and safety approach, ZIA published updated guidance for those working with zircon sand. The leaflet and separate poster highlight how to handle zircon safely in the workplace.

The guidance also includes recommendations from the review of zircon millers that was overseen by ZIA in 2016 and highlights simple steps that organisations working with zircon sand should take, such as controlling dust within the plant and storing zircon in a ventilated warehouse. This guidance is designed for members to give to operators that have regular contact with zircon processing and handling. It is also useful for new employee training.

Working with Zircon Sands Leaflet (English)
Translations: French | German | Spanish | Portuguese | Chinese

Working with Zircon Sands A2 Poster (English)
Translations: French | German | Spanish | Portuguese | Chinese

Industry Guidance

Zircon and NORM

Ionising radiation occurs in our natural environment. We encounter it every day through the food we eat, the water we drink, and the air we breathe. It is also in building materials and items we commonly use.

Like many other rocks and minerals, zircon is a Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM) that is used in many varied applications including ceramic tiles, sanitary ware, foundry and refractory materials, medical implants, consumer electronics and in the manufacture of jet engine parts. Radiation from zircon is extremely low and is similar to other naturally-occurring sources such as granite.

ZIA publishes guidance on transporting zircon as a NORM and working safely with it.

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Industry Guidance


ZIA staff regularly present at conferences around the world on issues relating to zircon and its value chain. Here are some of the key presentations that contain valuable information about zircon and its applications.

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Industry Guidance

Industry Information

There are numerous reports produced about the zircon industry. We have collated a few that offer insight into the industry including; the US Geological Survey annual mineral commodity summaries, the TZMI report on the mineral sands industry and the German Mineral Resources Agency report on the future supply of zircon.

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Industry Guidance