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As our world faces increasing challenges from industrialisation, urbanisation and a rising global population, sustainable development has become the mantra of our times. Consumers are increasingly conscious of their environmental footprint when making decisions about everything from the cars they drive to the ceramic tiles that adorn their homes, the energy they use and the journeys they make. Architects and specifiers continually strive to create structures using sustainable materials to minimise a building’s environmental footprint, while still affording stunning designs and high standards of living. Car and aircraft manufacturers use the latest technology to reduce the environmental impact of their vehicles, while still offering unrivalled performance. Zircon plays a crucial role in supporting a sustainable world.

Zircon supports a sustainable world

Sustainability is a mantra for our times. Find out how zircon and zirconia play crucial roles in supporting a sustainable world by helping to lower carbon emissions, reduce air pollution, support low carbon energy generation and offering sustainable living solutions.

Zircon’s sustainability credentials

Zircon, zirconia and their derivatives play a crucial role in supporting the quest for a sustainable world.

  • Zircon increases the solar reflectance of buildings when used in roof and façade tiles, combating the urban heat-island effect and lowering the internal cooling demand of buildings.
  • A recent, peer-reviewed Life Cycle Assessment demonstrated that zircon has an overall low environmental footprint, and a significantly lower environmental impact than a competing product when used in ceramic tile production.
  • Zirconia is one of the vital ingredients that allows jet engine turbine blades to run at higher temperatures, thereby operating more cleanly and efficiently.
  • Zirconium-based alloys are essential in the nuclear power industry, helping to generate low-carbon electricity.

It is clear that as the desire for sustainable living intensifies, zircon’s role in our modern world will continue to grow.


Credit: Photo - Smithbrook Building Products Ltd


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