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Using zirconium dioxide to build strength without the friction for medical implants

Zirconium dioxide (or zirconia) provides a high strength, wear resistant, chemically inert and non-toxic surface ideal for medical implants.

Zircon-containing roof tiles reduce urban heat island effect

Zircon is playing a role in minimising the environmental impact of how we live.

Zircon to increase download speeds in next generation smartphones

New zirconia-containing 5G smartphone cases will enable stronger signals, much faster data download and wireless charging.

Zircon - essential in keeping aircraft airborne

Zircon has a unique range of properties that make it vital in the manufacture of precision parts like turbine blades.

Refined corrosivity testing supports zircon shipments

Zircon sand is not corrosive to metal and, therefore, is not a candidate for classification as a corrosive in bulk.

Ceramic tiles – a more sustainable choice with zircon

Zircon has an overall low environmental impact and significantly lower compared to calcined alumina, an alternative opacifier, in ceramic tiles

Zircon reduces environmental impact of buildings

Zircon-containing ceramic roof tiles increase solar reflectance, reducing the environmental impact of buildings

Is zircon radioactive?

Radiation levels from zircon are low, whilst zirconia and zirconium metal are not radioactive.

From bathrooms to medical implants

What links ceramic tiles, nuclear reactor cores, anti-perspirants and dental implants?

Zirconium’s essential role in nuclear engineering

Uses and development of zirconium alloys in the nuclear power industry.

Zircon, zirconia and zirconium - what's the difference?

Learn about the different properties associated with zircon, zirconia and zirconium.

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