ZIA’s structure and organisation
ZIA’s structure and organisation is illustrated in this graphic

Board of Directors

Members of the Board of Directors are as follows:

José Carlos Serrano Posada

Chilches Materials

Fidel García-Guzmán

Guzman Global

Mathew Blackwell

Iluka Resources

Pirmin Wilhelm

Imerys Fused Minerals

Hazel Stephenson

MEL Chemicals

Graeme O'Grady

MZI Resources

Didier Arseguel

Rio Tinto Iron and Titanium

Jean-Michel Fourcade

TiZir Limited

Edwin Capendale

Tronox Sands


Dr Keven Harlow

Executive Director


Abi Hart


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ZIA Members can participate in market development, technical and R&D programmes and get access to our full Knowledge Bank and Zircon Academy.