We live in a world of ever-increasing regulation - environmental, health & safety and transportation - with these regulations becoming more stringent and harmonising globally. Additionally, the burden-of-proof of safe use of a substance is shifting from regulators to industry, meaning that all actors in the supply chain must invest in the full knowledge of a substance and how it is used, recycled and eventually disposed of.

Regulators listen to and respond to industry associations so a core role for the ZIA is to support its members in particular and the industry in general in the regulatory space. It is vital that each regulation, when needed, is sensible in its formulation and practicable in its implementation and in order for this to happen, it is vital that we keep abreast of regulatory developments at an early stage so that we can take a proactive approach in engaging with regulators and forewarning members and other industry stakeholders.

Regulatory support

Through its Regulatory Committee , ZIA's regulatory support is structured into two principal areas:

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