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ZIA appoints new Chair

June 2021

Fidel García-Guzmán has been elected Board Chairman of the Zircon Industry Association (ZIA). Fidel, Chief Executive of Guzmán Global, will serve two years in the role. His appointment follows the early retirement of Jean-Michel Fourcade, the outgoing Chair.

Fidel brings many years of minerals’ industry experience, particularly in the milling and distribution of zircon at Guzmán Minerals, an affiliate company of Guzmán Global. At the helm of this family business, he has established a modern, innovative, and committed company with a rigorous working philosophy and a clear international vocation.

Mr García-Guzmán, commented:

“I am delighted to be elected as the new Chair of ZIA. The Association has gone from strength to strength in recent years, working hard to become the independent and trusted voice of the industry. I am keen to continue that development to ensure we deliver real value for all our members across the zircon, zirconia and zirconium value chains.”

Dr Keven Harlow, Executive Director, ZIA said:

“On behalf of all members, I would like to give our sincere thanks to Jean-Michel for his commitment and contribution to ZIA. As chairman he instigated important changes that will enable the association to deliver increased benefits to members, as well as contribute to the wider industry.

“As Fidel takes the reigns of ZIA, we look forward to expanding our membership, whilst continuing to raise awareness of the essentiality of zircon, zirconia and zirconium in our modern world.”

Mr García-Guzmán’s chairmanship coincides with other board and committee changes:

David Podmeyer, President of Continental Mineral Processing Group, has assumed the role of chairman of the Communications Committee, a role previously held by Mr García-Guzmán.

Lincoln Ying, CEO of Matrix Guangzhou Chemicals Corp, was invited to join the ZIA board with immediate effect.

Notes to editors

As a non-profit trade association, ZIA works on behalf of its membership to develop and promote zircon, zirconia and derivative substances by advocating the benefits of their extensive application in today’s world.

ZIA has a strict Code of Conduct and Antitrust policy which is announced before the start of all meetings and events, and which delegates are required to observe.

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