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ZIA produces radiation risk assessment tool

April 2020

ZIA has published a radiation risk assessment (RRA) tool for use by zircon millers and zirconia producers. The tool allows the identification of risks within their operation, enabling them to ensure they have appropriate procedures in place to operate safely and in compliance with local regulations such as the EU’s Basic Safety Standards (BSS) Directive.

The tool, developed by industry and radiation experts, offers zircon handlers the opportunity to identify high risk areas within their operations, highlighting areas in which risk mitigation measures should be implemented. The tool’s output also supports data and risk reduction procedures that may be of interest to local regulators during a site inspection.

Following a ZIA survey of zircon millers in the EU, a number of ‘better practice’ recommendations were made to support organisations to operate in line with the Basic Safety Standards (BSS). This easy-to-use risk assessment tool complements this safe practice guidance. Together, the guidance and RRA tool support zircon processers in the zircon value chain to comply with local regulations, as well as operate in line with industry safe practice.

ZIA Executive Director, Dr Keven Harlow, commented:
“ZIA aims to support its members and those in the zircon industry to operate safely and in line with industry best practice. This assessment tool enables operators to identify areas of potential risk, allowing them to ensure they have measures in place to further improve the safety of workers, the general public and the environment.

“While radiation from zircon is low, it is important that those operating in the zircon industry employ techniques and practices that continuously improves the safety of workers and the wider community.”

Notes to editors

  1. Download the radiation risk assessment tool
  2. View guidance on working with zircon sands
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