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ZIA publishes best practice guidance on transporting zircon as a NORM

October 2019

The first guidance document contains information to help accurately assess the applicability of the IAEA Transport Regulations to NORM; to establish clearance levels for surface contaminated items; and to interpret regulations and guidelines regarding the signposting requirements for bulk NORM shipments. The guidance includes an ‘Excel calculator’ to help with the complex calculations. This guidance and associated ‘Excel calculator’ are fully compliant with the latest version of the IAEA SSR-6 on the Transport of Radioactive Materials.

The second document is a best practice guide – ‘The Measurement of Gamma Radiation from Zircon and other Norm in Transport’, which offers practical guidance on how to measure radiation levels of containerised shipments, including supporting images and diagrams.

Dr Keven Harlow, Executive Director of the Zircon Industry Association (ZIA), said:

‘ZIA works to support its members and the wider zircon industry by providing guidance on industry best practice. As the authoritative voice of the zircon industry, ZIA recently published a number of guidance documents relating to the transportation of zircon. These will support shippers in estimating the applicability of IAEA Transport Regulations to the shipment of zircon as a NORM and on establishing the requirements for signposting on bulk mineral shipments as well as offering clear and practical advice on taking radiation measurements. The Excel calculator is a valuable tool in determining accurate calculations.’

Notes to editors

  1. Download the guidance documents here.
  2. The Zircon Industry Association (ZIA) is an independent industry association. Its mission is to represent and support the interests of the zircon, zirconia and zirconium value chains, from zircon sand production, to a wide range of downstream products including zircon flour, opacifiers, refractory materials, friction materials, fused zirconias and zirconium chemicals, metal and alloys. Its membership represents some 80% of the globally-produced zircon tonnage.

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