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ZIA publishes Zircon Transport Guide

November 2018

The Zircon Industry Association (ZIA) has published a comprehensive guide to the procedures and regulations involved in transporting zircon.

The principal raw material for the zirconium industry – zirconium silicate, or zircon – contains naturally low levels of radioactivity, meaning that it is considered as a Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM). In almost all scenarios, zircon can be transported as general cargo.

The concise document, ‘A Guide to the Transport of Zircon as a NORM’, begins with a detailed description of the parameters of NORM, radioactivity and its measurement. The guide describes the context of the international transport of radioactive material, its governance by the United Nations’ IAEA, and how its inherent safety has produced an enviable record of zero fatalities attributable to the transport of radioactive material over more than seventy years. The guide also contains worked examples for the calculation of radioactivity, a regulatory compliance checklist for NORM transport, and annexes of references and further information.

Dr Keven Harlow, Executive Director, ZIA, said, “Access to safe and reliable global transport is a prerequisite for our industry. Zircon minerals generally contain such low levels of naturally-occurring radioactivity as to be well below the exemption levels for transport, and so are not of regulatory concern”.

“However, as a responsible industry, we want to ensure that all involved in the supply chain are informed of the relevant regulations covering the safe transport of zircon as a NORM. This guide explains the detail behind these regulations and ensures that anyone using it will be following international best practice and be compliant with the latest regulations,” he added.

Download the guide here

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