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ZIA updates guidance on working safely with zircon sands

July 2019

As part of its overall HS&E approach, ZIA has published updated guidance for those working with zircon sand. The leaflet and separate poster highlight how to handle zircon safely in the workplace.

The guidance also includes recommendations from the review of zircon millers that was overseen by ZIA in 2016 and highlights simple steps that organizations working with zircon sand should take, such as controlling dust within the plant and storing zircon in a ventilated warehouse.

The leaflet and poster are available on ZIA’s website in a variety of languages to ensure they are easily accessible to the whole industry.

Dr Keven Harlow, Executive Director of the Zircon Industry Association, said:

“Our members have an unwavering commitment to the health and safety of their workers. This is an update to previous guidance and offers simple working practices to ensure workers are protected. The intention is to provide this guidance to operators that have regular contact with zircon processing & handling, and also for new employee training“.

Notes to editors

  1. Download the Working safely with Zircon Sands leaflet and poster here.
  2. The poster and leaflet are available in French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese.
  3. The Zircon Industry Association (ZIA) is an independent industry association. Its mission is to represent and support the interests of the zircon, zirconia and zirconium value chains, from zircon sand production, to a wide range of downstream products including zircon flour, opacifiers, refractory materials, friction materials, fused zirconias and zirconium chemicals, metal and alloys. Its members currently represent some 80% of the globally-produced zircon tonnage.

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