Zircon (zirconium silicate) has a unique set of physical properties which make it suitable for use in a variety of demanding applications. These properties are summarised below.

High refractive index Ceramics - zircon acts as an opacifier and enhances whiteness
High hardness Ceramics zircon gives resistance to scratching and mechanical damage
High melting point Refractory industry (and by extension the metal casting industry)
High spatial and thermal stability at elevated temperatures
Low coefficient of linear expansion - good resistance to thermal shock
Moderate to high thermal conductivity
Low wettability by molten metal
Clean and round grains, which can be bonded at little cost and with little material
Binding ability with all organic and inorganic moulding sand binders

Metal casting and refractory industries

Chemical stabillty Many applications, including metal casting
Low solubility in molten silica or silicates Glass refractories
Good dielectric properties Technical and advanced ceramics

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